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Start broadcasting on the Mixlr desktop app (Windows)

In this article we’re going to show you how to start broadcasting live using our Desktop app.

Important: you must have the Mixlr Desktop app installed and be logged in to begin. You can download the app here.

Step 1 - Select Output (Monitoring)

Select an audio output so you can listen and make sure what you are going to be broadcasting sounds good. This is called Monitoring.

Select Monitoring from the main menu and select your output device. In this example, we’re selecting ‘Speaker/HP’.

TIP - if you pick your speakers as your output device, it's a good idea to plug in headphones to avoid feedback.

Step 2 - Choose an Input

There are three input channels: Mic, Any Input and Playlist. Which one you choose depends on what audio source you want to broadcast. We’re focusing on the Mic channel here.
TIP - You can broadcast audio files using the Playlist channel. You can learn more about the playlist here.
On the Mic channel click Select Source and pick the input. In this example we will use the internal Microphone.

Step 3 - Set your level

Click on the headphone icon to activate monitoring for the mic channel. Now click and drag the volume level for the Mic channel until you get a level you’re happy with.

Make sure that you don't set the level too high. This may cause distortion.

Step 4 - Setup Broadcast

Select the arrow icon and click on ‘Enter a broadcast title’ to bring up the options.

Enter a Broadcast Title and pick a Broadcast Category - this will make it easier for listeners to find you. Click submit to save your settings.

The ‘Rec’ button sets whether or not you save a local recording of your broadcast on your machine. Set this to ‘on’ if you want to save your broadcasts.

The chat button will bring up a chat box, allowing you to chat with whoever is listening to your broadcast via your Livepage.

Step 5 - Go Live on Mixlr

Click the broadcast button and you are ready to go! As soon as you hit this button your broadcast will be live on your Livepage.

TIP - You can learn more about how your Livepage works here.
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