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Stream your DJ set live with Serato and Mixlr

stream serato

TIP - You’ll need an audio interface device incorporated as part of this overall setup.

This article explains how to stream your DJ set live using DJ software - 'Serato' with an external DJ controller and an audio interface. You'll be using Serato to mix tracks from your computer, and the DJ controller to control your levels and crossfader etc. You will also need an audio interface device to control the sound coming back to your computer. Here your entire set will be broadcast live and direct on Mixlr. Nice!

Step 1: Establish the number of outputs on your DJ controller

stream dj controller

Audio outputs are usually located at the back. If the hardware only has one output (see above), you will need to follow our simple setup 1. If your dj controller has more than one stereo output (see example below), following setup 2 will allow you to control the volume of your speakers independently of the levels in Mixlr. stream serato controller

TIP - Connecting your speakers to 'Booth Out' or similar will allow you to turn up the volume in your room without affecting what your listeners hear on your Livepage.

Step 2: Connect all the cables

Connect your computer to your audio interface and DJ controller with 2x USB cables. Then connect your DJ controller to your audio interface so that Mixlr can pick up and broadcast the audio output coming back. You can do this with a 2 x RCA (male) to 2 x ¼ jack (see image below), just like the one found here. Plug the phono end into your DJ controller’s output and the jack end into your audio interface.stream dj set live setup

Step 3: Setup Mixlr

Firstly, make sure there is some music playing in Serato. Now open Mixlr and select your audio interface from the ‘Any Input’ channel. In our case it’s ‘Line In (Scarlett 2i2 USB) > Channels 1&2’. Now you should start to see an audio signal coming into the app.

Step 4: Set your levels and go live!

Click and drag the volume level for the 'Any Input' channel until you get a level you’re happy with. Make sure that you don't set the level too high. This may cause distortion. Press the red start button and you are live on Mixlr!

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