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How to use Mixlr AudioLink to broadcast audio from other applications

What is Mixlr AudioLink?

Mixlr AudioLink is a feature which allows you to send live audio from applications like Skype, Audacity, Ableton Live and more into the Mixlr app. It’s available with the latest version of the Mixlr Desktop app for both Mac and Windows.

What can you do with Mixlr AudioLink?

Use Mixlr AudioLink to route audio between applications and Mixlr without using physical cables. In particular, use it to send live audio from applications like Skype to broadcast through the Mixlr app.

Follow the steps below to use Mixlr AudioLink to broadcast from other audio applications:

1. Route external audio to Mixlr

Set up your audio app to use Mixlr AudioLink as an audio output. This is usually managed in the options, settings, or audio preferences. Select Mixlr AudioLink as your audio output or speakers. This will ensure Mixlr can receive the audio from your app.Mixlr AudioLink

2. Receive external audio in Mixlr

Within the Mixlr app, select Mixlr AudioLink from the dropdown menu under the ‘Any Input’ channel. (If you can’t see Mixlr AudioLink as an option here, try selecting ‘Reload devices’.)Mixlr AudioLink 2

3. Optional: Set up monitoring

If you now can't hear anything, try monitoring through the Mixlr app. Click on the headphones icon next to the ‘Any Input’ channel.Monitor Broadcast

4. You’re ready to broadcast!

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