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Grow your audience on Mixlr

​In this article we'll share tips on how to grow your audience on Mixlr.

Step 1- Embed your player into your Website and Blog

Reach a wider audience by embedding your player. You can also add artwork or, if you are a premium or pro user, change the colour of the music player to reflect the colour of your website or blog.

Don’t forget: You can also embed your Mixlr player on Twitter, by simply adding your Mixlr URL to your tweets:

Step 2 - Connect your accounts

Connecting your Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud accounts, also makes it easier to be discovered by your friends, since you will appear in their who to follow tab.

Step 3 - Advertise and Promote your broadcast

Use Facebook, Twitter, your website, blog and more to advertise and promote broadcasts before and during the broadcast. Using your social networks and online presence is a great low cost way of getting the word out there about your live show. Remember to promote your show in advance giving listeners enough notice to tune in. 

Furthermore, once you connect your account to facebook and twitter you will be able to easily share your broadcast with only one click.

Step 4 - Engage with your listeners

Your chat stream is a great place to engage with and get to know your listeners. We find that live shows which have a high level of engagement always keep listeners around longer.

Step 5 - Encourage listeners to follow you

Encourage your listeners to follow you on Mixlr, that way whenever you go live, they will automatically receive a notification email which they can click through to start listening.

Whilst you are broadcasting, you will also appear in the ‘following’ tab of your followers homepage, therefore increasing your chances of being heard.​

Step 6 - Broadcast regularly

Broadcasting on a specific day at a particular time can be really handy for your listeners, it means they know exactly when to head to your live show. Try using our schedule broadcast feature to let listeners know when you'll next be going live.

Step 7 - Customise your profile

This is a chance to tell everyone all about you, your show, when you broadcast and which other networks you're on. You can store all this info in the ‘Info’ section on your Mixlr profile page. Make your Mixlr page a place where people want to hang out by including a profile image and artwork.

Step 8 - Schedule Broadcasts

Let your followers know when you will be online by scheduling broadcasts.

Scheduled broadcasts will not only appear on the 'information' section of your livepage, as shown below:

But also on the 'upcoming' column of the explore page, within your chosen category.

Step 9 - Choose your title and category carefully

Giving your broadcast a title can help explain what your show is about, if you decide to leave the title blank, the show name will just be called 'your username's' Mixlr. Listeners often use categories as a search method, ensure you’re broadcast is categorised correctly so they can easily find your live show.

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